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What is the lowest possible temperature that a substance can reach?

Absolute zero

Which scale has its zero point at the absolute zero of temperature?

Kelvin scale

What is the boiling point of water in Kelvin?

373 K

Why do you feel cold when you touch ice?

Energy transfers from your hand to the ice.

In which state of matter do particles vibrate at a fixed point?


What is heat?

Energy that is transferred from one body to another

What does thermal energy consist of?

Both potential and kinetic energy

When does heat transfer occur?

When there is a difference in temperature between two bodies in contact

Which factor determines the temperature of a system?

Average kinetic energy

When does a body transfer heat?

When it comes into contact with another body at a different temperature

What is the SI unit for measuring temperature?


How is thermal energy transferred when there is a temperature difference between two bodies?


What is the mode of heat transfer when hot air near the equator rises, producing winds?


Which mode of heat transfer does not require a medium for heat transfer to occur?


When ice cools down your hand, what mode of heat transfer is occurring?


What type of heat transfer involves the transfer of energy by particles of matter bumping into each other?


Which process involves the transfer of energy by a mass of moving fluid?


Test your knowledge on thermal energy, heat transfer, temperature measurement, and the movement of molecules in this quiz. Learn about the difference between thermal energy and temperature, the impact of mass and material on heat transfer, and the various modes of heat transfer.

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