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What is the primary difference between heat and temperature?

Heat is a measure of the total energy in a substance, while temperature is the average kinetic energy of its particles.

Which of the following are the three main ways heat can be transferred?

Conduction, Convection, Radiation

During the experiment with ice and a thermometer, what is being measured as the ice is heated?

The temperature of the ice

What concept is related to the hidden heat involved in phase transformations?

Latent heat

Which term refers to the ability of a substance to store heat?

Specific heat capacity

What type of heat transfer involves the movement of fluid due to differences in temperature?


What happens to the temperature of the mixture as ice starts melting?

It remains constant at 0 °C.

What does the graph line AB represent in the context of ice conversion?

Conversion of ice into water at constant temperature.

What happens to the temperature of water after all the ice has converted into water?

It rises and reaches 100 °C.

What happens when water starts converting into steam?

Temperature remains constant at 100 °C.

What does the ice absorb during its transition into water?

Heat energy.

At what point does the temperature of water remain constant according to the text?

At 100 °C when all water converts into steam.

Test your understanding of heat and temperature differences, as well as different methods of heat transfer. Explore concepts like conduction, convection, radiation, and phase changes in this quiz designed for a science class or self-study purposes.

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