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What is the primary aim of Healthcare Epidemiology?

To protect patients, healthcare personnel, and visitors from acquiring infection in healthcare facilities

What is the focus of Risk reduction programs in Healthcare Epidemiology?

Focusing on device and procedure management

What is the primary focus of Education in Healthcare Epidemiology?

Teaching healthcare personnel about infection control practices

What are Nosocomial Infections?

Infections that are acquired inside healthcare facilities

What are Community-Associated Infections?

Infections acquired outside healthcare facilities

What is the purpose of Surveillance measures in Healthcare Epidemiology?

To conduct statistical studies for infection prevention and control

What are Iatrogenic Infections?

Infections that occur due to medical or surgical intervention

What is the main focus of Policy development and implementation in Healthcare Epidemiology?

Developing and implementing policies related to infection prevention and control

What are the most common types of nosocomial infections?

Urinary tract infections

What is the primary aim of Infection prevention and control (IPC) in Healthcare Epidemiology?

To prevent the spread of infections within healthcare settings

What do Healthcare-Associated (Nosocomial) Infections include?

Both infections that were not present or incubating at time of admission and community-onset infections appearing within 14 days of discharge

Test your knowledge of healthcare epidemiology, focusing on the occurrence, determinants, and distribution of disease within healthcare settings. Explore topics such as infection prevention, surveillance measures, and risk management in hospitals, clinics, and other healthcare facilities.

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