Health Promotion Program Planning & Evaluation Quiz

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What is the purpose of health promotion according to Green and Kreuter (2005)?

According to Bartholomew et al. (2001), at how many different levels can health promotion programs be directed?

What does program planning and evaluation mirror and complement according to the text?

What is the main focus of health promotion?

What are the two purposes of health promotion?

What does the ecological model emphasize in relation to program planning?

What are the main elements of health promotion planning models?

What is the overall purpose of systematic planning in health promotion programs?

What are the three basic steps common to all health promotion planning models/programs?

What is the purpose of evaluation in health promotion practice?

What are the most common models used by health promotion professionals?

What is program evaluation in health promotion?

What are the common elements of health promotion planning models?

What is an essential component of the health promotion planning cycle?

What do health promotion theories and planning models guide professionals in developing?

What do program staff members need to consider when planning health promotion programs?


Test your knowledge of health promotion program planning and evaluation with this quiz covering topics such as planning models and program evaluation in health promotion.

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