Health Behavior Change and Risk Factor Modification

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What is the first step in the nursing process?

In which stage of behavior change is an individual actively engaging in strategies to change their behavior?

What is the purpose of the implementation phase in the nursing process?

Which type of assessment involves the patient's verbal descriptions of their health problems?

During which phase of behavior change does an individual have no intention to change?

Which theory is used by professional nurses to apply best available evidence to caregiving and promoting human functions and responses to health and illness?

What is the primary nursing diagnostic label used to describe a patient with limited or no ability to communicate verbally?

Which factor of nonverbal communication involves the way a person carries themselves and moves?

What are therapeutic communication techniques meant to encourage in patients?

In the nursing process, what is the phase where specific and measurable goals are set?

Which form of communication refers to the use of sound and includes elements like vocabulary and intonation?

What broad term refers to all factors influencing communication and is essential in nursing practice?

What is the first step in the nursing process?

Who is known as the founder of the American Red Cross?

Which nurse is considered the first practicing epidemiologist?

What is a key role of a nurse educator?

What is the emphasis of Swanson’s theory of caring?

What is the foundation of clinical decision in nursing?


Test your knowledge on modifying risk factors and changing health behaviors. Learn about the stages of change from precontemplation to maintenance, and understand the concept of illness in nursing practice.

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