Health and Community Lecture Objectives

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Define the term 'health' according to WHO (1946)?

According to McKenzie (2018), how is health described?

What are the gestational endowments that contribute to health status?

List three social circumstances that influence health status.

According to WHO (1946), is health merely the absence of disease and infirmity? Explain.

How does McKenzie (2018) emphasize the individual nature of health?

What are the three categories of environmental conditions that can affect health?

Define 'community' based on the provided text.

According to the Institute of Medicine (IOM), what is the aim of public health?

What are the three components of a healthy community as determined in the provided text?

What is the difference between 'Community Health' and 'Population Health'?

What is the focus of Global Health?

How is 'Public Health' described in the provided text?

What are the two categories that differentiate Personal Health Activities from Community and Public Health Activities?

What are the six elements that characterize a community according to the provided text?

What is the definition of 'Global Health' based on the provided text?


This quiz covers the definitions of key terms related to health, community health, population health, and public health, along with the factors influencing community health and the determinants of health. It also includes the beginnings of public health in the Philippines.

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