Harriet Tubman: Life and Legacy

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What was Harriet Tubman's original name?

Araminta Ross

How did Harriet Tubman change her name?

In honor of her mother

Why did Harriet Tubman prefer physical plantation work over indoor domestic chores?

She enjoyed being outdoors

How did Harriet Tubman's family get separated despite her mother's efforts?

As a result of slavery

Why was Harriet Tubman whipped when she was working as a nursemaid?

When the baby cried

At what age was Harriet Tubman rented out to set muskrat traps?

Seven years old

What physical injury did Harriet sustain while trying to protect a fugitive from an overseer?

Fractured skull

What health condition did Harriet develop as a result of the incident with the weight?

Headaches and narcolepsy

Why did Harriet's infirmity make her unattractive to potential slave buyers and renters?

It made her prone to falling into deep sleep randomly

What year did Harriet marry John Tubman?


What event led Harriet to plan an escape from slavery?

Her father being set free

What caused Harriet to change her last name from Ross to Tubman?

Her marriage to a free Black man

Delve into the remarkable life of Harriet Tubman, a prominent figure in the Underground Railroad and American Abolitionist Movement. Learn about her early life on a plantation in Maryland and her enduring legacy in American history.

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