Hariram Kaaka Village Story Summary

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What action did Mahant Ji advise Hariram Kaaka to take regarding his land deed?

Why did Hariram Kaaka end up having to sell some of his land?

What suggestion did Netaji propose to Hariram Kaaka about his land?

What did people in the village speculate about Hariram Kaaka's land after his rejection of Netaji's proposal?

Why were two police officers protecting Hariram Kaaka in the story?

How did Hariram Kaaka accept his fate despite his hardships?

Why can't Hariram Kaaka visit Thakurbari temple anymore?

How did the villagers interpret Hariram Kaaka not eating the food brought by his friend?

What was the significance of Thakurbari temple to the village Hasan Bazaar?

What led to Hariram Kaaka's sisters-in-law stopping their service to him?

Why did Hariram Kaaka's friend bring him delicious food?

How did Hariram Kaaka acquire land in Hasan Bazaar?


  • Hariram Kaaka, a man in a village, has lived a simple life but is now old and frail due to his self-centered actions in the past.
  • The village, Hasan Bazaar, is located 40 kilometers away from a city and has a population of around 3000 people.
  • Three significant places in the village are a pond, an old banyan tree, and a large temple called Thakurbari, which is considered important to the village.
  • Hariram Kaaka used to regularly visit Thakurbari temple, but he can no longer do so due to his current condition.
  • Hariram Kaaka has four brothers, all married with children of their own.
  • He had two wives who died young, and his third wife is still alive.
  • Hariram Kaaka owned a total of eight and a half bighas of land, which was divided among his brothers.
  • The villagers were mostly dependent on agriculture for their livelihood.
  • Hariram Kaaka's sisters-in-law used to serve him well but stopped doing so when he failed to provide them with food on one occasion.
  • Hariram Kaaka's friend from the city came to visit him and brought delicious food, but he could not eat it due to his sadness.
  • The villagers were surprised to see Hariram Kaaka's empty plate and believed that he was cursing them by not eating their offerings.
  • Mahant Ji, the temple head priest, was respected in the village, and the villagers believed that he could understand Hariram Kaaka's intentions.
  • Mahant Ji visited Hariram Kaaka and explained to him that by not acknowledging his land deed, he was causing disharmony in the village and bringing bad luck to himself.
  • Hariram Kaaka then agreed to have his land deed recorded and signed by the villagers, bringing peace to the village.
  • However, Hariram Kaaka's brothers demanded more land from him, which led to disputes and conflicts within the family.
  • Eventually, Hariram Kaaka had to sell some of his land to resolve the disputes, leaving him with only a small piece of land.
  • Despite his hardships, Hariram Kaaka continued to live in the village, accepting his fate with dignity.- Two police officers were protecting Hariram Kaaka, who was collecting money from people and sharing it with them, while making the claim that they were also providing security
  • Netaji proposed that Hariram Kaaka build a high school on his land, but Kaaka rejected the idea, leading to whispers in the village that Kaaka's land would be a target for seizure after his death
  • With no family to speak to and lost in thought, Kaaka spent his time gazing at the sky, and our chapter comes to an end here; those interested in more videos from us should subscribe to our channel, press like, share, and leave comments
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Explore the story of Hariram Kaaka, a man in Hasan Bazaar village, and his struggles with family, land disputes, and the village community. Delve into the themes of community, family dynamics, and self-reflection in a rural setting.

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