Hanuman's Enchanting Middle Language

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किम् हनुमानस्य विशेषः गुणः प्रमितः?

प्लुतिः किं अर्थम् उपयुज्यते?

मध्यमभाषा किमर्थं प्रशस्तम् प्रतिपादयति?

किं हनुमन् समर्पकः पुरुषः सम्प्रति जनितः?

प्लुतिः किं कला हनुमाने समन्विता अस्ति?

मध्यमभाषा संस्कृतसाहित्ये किं रूपं प्रतिपादयति?

कथं हनुमानः रामायणे मध्यमभाषायाः उपयोगं प्रदर्शयति?

कस्मिं कार्ये हनुमान् कपिभिः एकत्र सह रामेण युक्तिर् विदेश?

किस्से हनुमान कौतूहलेन संस्थेते सा अतींत चर्चा-सन्दर्भं प्रदर्शिता?

मध्यमभाषा प्रकटिता किम् कपिभिः हनुमता संस्थेते?

पलुति महता कैकी हनुमता प्रकोपं, प्रेरणं, धैर्यं, सहकारं च किम् प्रकटितं?

हनुमता तं प्रीति, महोली, अलं2019, म्रिडा, मल} 2020} प्रसंसि कौतूहलेन?


Hanuman's Enchanting Middle Language

In the realm of Indian epics, Hanuman, the revered figure known as the faithful servant of Lord Rama, has left an indelible mark on our collective consciousness. A deeper exploration of his character reveals the multifaceted aspect of his speech, which is often referred to as "Hanuman's enchanting middle language" — Hanumant Pluti Madhyabhasha.


Hanuman, also known as Anjaneya, is a central character in the Hindu epic poem, the Ramayana, where he is introduced as a powerful, devoted follower of Lord Rama. Hanuman's extraordinary abilities, such as extraordinary strength, the ability to fly, and knowledge of medicinal herbs, have made him an immortal figure and a beloved deity in Indian folklore.


Pluti is not a specific term found in English, but it is a Sanskrit term that refers to persuasive, enchanting, or alluring speech. Pluti is a type of language that is skillfully crafted to captivate and move the listener. It is the art of using words as a tool to influence, inspire, and convince others.


Madhyabhasha is the term used for the middle language in Sanskrit literature. It refers to a style of speaking that is not too simple nor too complex, but rather easily understood by the general public. The concept of middle language is well-established in Sanskrit grammar and literary theory. Classical Sanskrit texts, such as the Natyashastra and the Brhatsamhita, discuss the importance of Madhyabhasha for effective and persuasive communication.

Hanuman's Enchanting Middle Language

Hanuman, in his many adventures in the Ramayana, is often depicted using pluti in the form of Madhyabhasha to achieve his goals. His speeches are filled with charm, wit, and wisdom, and he is able to captivate and inspire those around him. Hanuman's enchanting middle language is a powerful tool that he uses to convince others, to inspire courage, and to foster unity and cooperation.

One of the most famous instances of Hanuman's eloquence is when he convinces the Vanaras, an army of monkey-like beings, to ally with Rama in the fight against Ravana, the demon king. Hanuman speaks of Rama's virtues, of the justness of their cause, and of the glory that awaits them in victory. In his speech, Hanuman skilfully weaves together facts, allegory, and metaphor to create a powerful and persuasive argument.

Hanuman's speeches are also known for their poetic beauty and rhythm, which further enhances their enchantment. In one such instance, Hanuman, disguised as a brahmin, sings an enchanting passage in praise of Lord Rama, which in itself is a masterful display of the power of pluti in the form of Madhyabhasha.

In summary, Hanuman's enchanting middle language is a testament to the power of words and the art of persuasion. It is a style of speaking that is easily understood and captivating, and it is a tool that Hanuman uses to achieve his goals, to inspire others, and to foster unity and cooperation. Hanuman's speeches are a masterful display of the power of pluti in the form of Madhyabhasha, and they have left an indelible mark on the pages of the Ramayana and on the collective consciousness of the Indian people.


Explore the captivating and persuasive speech of Hanuman, the legendary figure from the Hindu epic, the Ramayana. Learn about the art of 'Pluti' - enchanting speech, and 'Madhyabhasha' - the middle language, used by Hanuman to inspire courage and unity.

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