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What is the term for the effort of a writer to exclude personal writing characteristics by adopting foreign characteristics?

Disguised writing

Which term refers to a cup-like connected form that is open at the top and rounded at the bottom?

Garland forms

What does the term 'Gestalt' mean in relation to handwriting analysis?

A school of analysis looking at handwriting as a whole picture

Which term describes any disconnected style of writing where each letter is written separately?


What does 'line quality' refer to in handwriting analysis?

The overall character of the ink lines from beginning to ending strokes

What does the term 'alignment' refer to in the context of handwriting identification?

The relation of individual letters in words to the baseline

How are anonymous letters described in the text?

As an assassin of character

What are 'angular forms' in terms of handwriting characteristics?

Sharp, straight strokes made by abruptly changing direction with the pen

In document examination, what are 'characteristics' commonly referred to as?

Identifying details

What does 'collation' mean in the context of document examination?

Comparison by setting two items side by side and critically examining them

Test your knowledge on terminologies related to handwriting identification and examinations. Learn about alignment, anonymous letters, and other important terms in the field.

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