Haida People and the Disrespectful Boy

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What was the boy's attitude towards the salmon?

He showed no respect and was careless towards them.

Why did the boy end up drowning in the river?

A current caught him and pulled him away from the other swimmers.

How did the Salmon People look when they reached their home in the ocean?

They transformed into human beings.

What happened to the bodies of the Salmon People after reaching their home in the ocean?

They were used as food by humans and animal people.

What did the boy say about the salmon meat served to him by his mother?

He claimed it was moldy and threw it on the ground.

Why did others warn the boy about his disrespectful behavior towards the salmon?

Because they believed the spirits of the salmon were displeased.

What did the Salmon People instruct the boy to do after eating their child?

Return all the bones to the water

Why did the Salmon child need all its bones returned to the water?

To come back to life

What happened when the boy missed returning one fin of the salmon child to the water?

The child lost a foot and was unable to walk

How did the boy's mother recognize him when she caught him in her net?

By the copper necklace he was wearing

Why did Salmon Boy shed his salmon skin and transform into a human again?

To share his knowledge with the people

What did Salmon Boy do when he saw his soul in the form of an old salmon floating down toward him?

He recognized it as his soul and thrust his spear into it

Test your knowledge about the Haida people and the story of the disrespectful boy who showed no respect for the salmon, a sacred creature. Find out if you remember the consequences of his actions and the lessons learned from this tale.

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