Gun Shot Residue (GSR)

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What is the purpose of stretching the skin during sample collection for GSR analysis?

To prevent any GSR particles from being lost during collection

Why is it important to cover the sampled area at least three times during GSR sample collection?

To ensure consistency in interpretation of the results

What caution should be exercised when using chemical tests for GSR identification if a SEM is not available?

None of the tests are specific, making interpretation challenging

What color will lead particles turn after conducting the Sodium Rhodizonate test?


What is the purpose of placing the filter paper into a mildly alkaline condition after spotting with 880 ammonia solution?

To remove purple coloration due to lead

Why is it not advisable to use dilute ammonia solution directly on the filter paper after the Sodium Rhodizonate test?

It can lead to difficulties in identifying color changes

What are the possible forms of GSR particles as mentioned in the text?

Inorganic elements, organic compounds, and gases

Where may GSR particles be found on a human body?

On the hands of the shooter, inside the body of the victim, and some distance away from the firing location

What elements are present in the GSR due to the new primer composition used in India?

Lead, Antimony, Barium, and Aluminum

Where may GSR particles be found in a firearm?

In the barrel and chamber of the weapon, as well as on the outside of the barrel

Where have GSR particles been reported to be found?

In the excreta of the shooter

What are some additional sources contributing to GSR particles according to the text?

Vaporized plain lead from the base of the bullet, copper and zinc particles from inside surface of cartridge case

Learn about Gun Shot Residue (GSR), the particles produced during firearm discharge due to burning of powder, bullet-barrel rubbing, and priming compound explosion. Understand how GSR can be found on targets, human bodies, and clothes depending on the firing range. Explore the composition of GSR particles including inorganic elements, organic compounds, and gases.

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