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What is the purpose of the Countywide Gun Bounty program?

To reduce gun violence in Miami-Dade County

What is the reward amount for citizens who provide information on persons carrying illegal firearms in public places?


What is the purpose of the designated email addresses in the communications center?

To investigate tip notifications from Crime Stoppers

Which department is responsible for forwarding the results/findings of an investigation back to Crime Stoppers?

Communications Supervisor

When should contact be made with Crime Stoppers by the arresting officer if an arrest is made during normal business hours?

Between 7:00 a.m. and 4:00 p.m.

What should an officer do if they receive information about a crime that meets the Gun Bounty criteria while on duty?

Tell the concerned citizen to immediately contact Crime Stoppers

Who should be notified if a situation arises that makes immediate notification before the arrest of the subject impractical?

Crime Stoppers

Test your knowledge about the Miami-Dade Gun Bounty Program and learn how citizens can earn a $1,000 reward for their contribution in reducing gun violence. Explore the partnership between Miami-Dade Police Department, Crime Stoppers, and the Association of Chiefs of Police in combating gun crimes. Challenge yourself with questions about this initiative and its impact on Miami-Dade County.

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