Gulliver's Travel Adventures Analysis

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How did the adjectives 'terrible' and 'huge' contribute to the story?

Evoked feelings of danger and urgency

Why did Dr. Gulliver end up on the island?

He was shipwrecked during a storm

What prevented Dr. Gulliver from moving when he woke up on the island?

He was tied with strong ropes

How did the tiny men first react when Dr. Gulliver moved?

They shot arrows at him

What did Dr. Gulliver see when he opened his eyes on the island?

Hundreds of tiny men

Why was Dr. Gulliver unable to move on the island at first?

He was tied with giant ropes

What was Dr. Gulliver's initial reaction when he woke up on the island?


What was the immediate cause of Dr. Gulliver being tied to the ground on the island?

A spell cast by the tiny men

How did Dr. Gulliver's wife react to the idea of him working on his friend's ship?

She was hesitant but eventually agreed

What prevented Dr. Gulliver from moving when he woke up on the island?

His body was tied to the ground with ropes

How was Dr. Gulliver feeling when he initially climbed onto the beach of the island?

Exhausted and weak

What did Dr. Gulliver see when he first woke up on the beach of the island?

No buildings and no people

What was the immediate consequence of Dr. Gulliver breaking the ropes that tied his arm on the island?

The tiny men shot arrows at him

How did Dr. Gulliver's experiences on the island contribute to the overall sense of urgency in the story?

By being attacked and tied down by the tiny men

In what manner did Dr. Gulliver feel about the initial part of his journey before encountering the storm?

He was enthusiastic and had high hopes

What was the immediate effect of the huge storm on the ship during Dr. Gulliver's journey?

The ship hit a huge rock

What was Dr. Gulliver's main emotion upon waking up tied to the ground with the tiny men nearby?


How did Dr. Gulliver's encounters on the island lead to a heightened sense of danger in the story?

By facing threats from the tiny men with bows and arrows

Study Notes

Dr. Lemuel Gulliver's Life and Adventure

  • Dr. Lemuel Gulliver lives in London with his wife, Mary, and their two children.
  • He has always wanted to travel to faraway countries and learn about their people.

The Ship Journey

  • Dr. Gulliver's friend asks him to work on his ship as a doctor, which he accepts.
  • The ship leaves on 4 May 1699, and the journey goes well initially.
  • After a few months, a terrible storm hits, and the ship crashes into a huge rock and begins to sink.

The Island Incident

  • Dr. Gulliver swims to an island and falls asleep due to exhaustion.
  • When he wakes up, he finds himself tied to the ground with long ropes.
  • He discovers hundreds of tiny men, about 15 centimetres tall, near his face, holding bows and arrows.
  • The men shoot their arrows at Dr. Gulliver when he tries to move.

The Use of Adjectives

  • The use of adjectives like 'terrible' and 'huge' creates a sense of danger and urgency in the story.
  • These adjectives emphasize the severity of the storm and the ship's crash, enhancing the narrative's tension.

Explore how the use of specific adjectives like 'terrible' and 'huge' contributes to creating a feeling of danger and urgency in Gulliver's travel adventures. Dive deep into the storytelling techniques that enhance the reader's experience.

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