Group Roles and Leadership Functions in Teams

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Which role is responsible for ensuring every group member has an opportunity to express their thoughts and opinions?

Standards setter

Who is the individual known for harmonizing and maintaining peace within a group?


Which role eliminates negative feelings within the group?

Tension reliever

Who is the individual that ensures every member agrees with the outcomes through checking for consensus?

Consensus tester

Which role is known to praise others, be receptive, and approachable?


Who offers other group members whatever is needed to fulfill roles effectively?


Which role is responsible for ensuring the group stays on task and completes the work together?


Who should research the topic or assignment for the group?


Which role is responsible for presenting and explaining the group's finished work to the class?


What is the recommended group size for the exercise mentioned in the text?

5 - 8 students

If group conflict arises during the assignment of roles, what is the suggested course of action according to the text?

Seek assistance from an outsider, such as the lecturer or class representative

Which of the following is NOT one of the roles mentioned in the text?


What is the primary role of the 'Opinion Seeker' in a group?

To seek ideas and suggestions from other members

Which group member is responsible for ensuring that deadlines are met?

Deadline Setter

What is the primary task of the 'Clarifier' in a group?

To attempt different ideas to see how they work

Which group member is responsible for speaking on behalf of the group?


What is the primary role of the 'Troubleshooter' in a group?

To keep asking 'what if' questions

Which group member is responsible for organizing timelines and schedules?


What is the benefit of having a review process?

All of the above.

What is the recommended approach for forming groups initially?

The groups should be formed and an action plan created within class time.

What can the lecturer do to assist students in forming groups?

Put students that live in close proximity together in a group.

What is the purpose of having students reflect on successes and failures during class time?

To create a platform for discussion of problems later in the group process.

Why might it be difficult for students to schedule meetings outside of class time?

Students live in different locations and have varying schedules.

Which of the following statements is true about task roles?

Task roles are assigned based on the specific task or assignment that the group was formed to achieve.

What is essential for a team to function efficiently?

Valuing the contributions and strengths of all team members.

Which of the following roles is NOT mentioned in the text as one of the main types of roles within a group?

Leadership roles

What is important for ensuring that tasks are performed effectively by the assigned team members?

Providing clear and detailed descriptions of the tasks.

How are roles sometimes assigned within a group?

Members naturally slip into certain roles without formal assignments.

Which of the following statements is true about the emergence of leaders within a group, according to the text?

Leaders often emerge informally, without formal assignment.

Explore the concept of group roles within teams, including formal assignments like leader or treasurer, and informal emergence of leaders. Learn about the dynamics of assigning roles and functions within a team setting.

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