Gregor Mendel and his Pea Plant Experiments

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What was the major reason Gregor Mendel chose to work with pea plants in his studies of heredity?

They produce many offspring

In Mendel's experiments, how many characteristics did he initially examine in the seeds and plants grown from the seeds?


What did Mendel focus on when selecting traits for his experiments with pea plants?

Traits that existed in two easily distinguishable forms

Which terminology was NOT known to Mendel during his experiments with pea plants?


What term is now used to refer to the genetic factors that Mendel described in his pea plant experiments?


According to Mendel's First Law of Segregation, how many alleles does an individual diploid organism possess for any particular characteristic?


What happens when two alleles of an individual plant separate into gametes?

One allele goes into each gamete

In Mendel's monohybrid crosses, what was the reason behind some traits disappearing in the F1 heterozygous offspring?

Presence of recessive alleles only

What did Mendel do to ensure that each plant was pure breeding for the traits he chose to study?

Monitored the plants for two generations.

In Mendel's monohybrid crosses, what ratio of traits emerged in the F2 generation?


What was the outcome when Mendel crossed a pea plant with round seeds with one that had wrinkled seeds in the parental generation?

All F1 seeds were round.

What did Mendel observe when he conducted reciprocal crosses in his pea plant experiments?

The results were the same.

Learn about Gregor Mendel's groundbreaking experiments with pea plants in the 19th century, which laid the foundation for the field of genetics. Discover how Mendel's use of pea plants allowed him to observe hereditary traits and establish the principles of inheritance.

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