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What is medical terminology?

The language used to describe components and processes of the human body

Why do healthcare students need to develop a strong understanding of medical terminology?

To understand complex medical terms

What is the origin of most medical terminology?

Latin or ancient Greek word parts

What purpose does agreed upon medical terminology serve?

To speed up written and verbal communication

What does medical terminology help explain?

Body parts, body processes, diseases, procedures, and diagnoses

What does learning medical terminology help in reducing?

Mistakes due to misunderstanding

What is the term 'AIDS' (Acquired immunodeficiency syndrome) an example of?

Terms built from word parts

Which type of medical terminology is derived from the name of a person who was the first to identify the technique or condition?


What are acronyms in medical terminology?


Which type of medical terminology is derived from human language that is currently in use?

Term taken from modern language

Why are ancient languages used as the basis for medical terminology?

To lend stability as the meanings of the words no longer change radically

What makes word roots in medical terms different from standalone words?

They can stand alone without suffixes

What do combining vowels do in medical terminology?

Link word roots together

Why is learning the meaning of commonly used word parts important in medical terminology?

It makes memorization of new words unnecessary

What is the function of a prefix in a medical term?

It changes the meaning of the root word

Why are eponyms important in medical terminology?

They honor influential physicians and scientists

Test your understanding of common medical terms and principles of medical word building in the Foundations of Health (GRD 133) Medical Terminology course. This quiz will help you assess your knowledge and proficiency in medical terminology.

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