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What does 'graphic design' refer to?

Creating visual communication for a specific purpose

Which type of media uses audio or voice recordings to deliver information?

Broadcast media

What does 'media convergence' refer to?

The co-existence of traditional and new media

Which of the following is an example of a primary source?


What is the main focus of multimedia?

Integration of different types of media on digital platforms

Which type of source provides information obtained through analysis and evaluation of primary sources?

Secondary sources

What are the five Cs in the 21st-century skills related to communication?

Creativity, Collaboration, Critical Thinking, Connection, Communication

According to Shannon and Weaver's model, what needs to be done if there is a greater noise or disturbance?

Deconstruct the message

What does Schramm's model emphasize in the communication process?

Shared experiences and understanding between sender and receiver

What does Information Literacy refer to?

Ability to search, access, consolidate, utilize, and create relevant information

What does Media Literacy focus on?

Identifying and scrutinizing the roles and functions of media institutions

In Charles Osgood’s model of communication, what kind of process does he explain?

Circular process where roles of source and receiver can be interchanged with feedback mechanism

Which of the following is NOT a key component of media and information literacy according to UNESCO's framework?

Engaging in lifelong marketing

Which of these is an example of responsible use of media and information?

Using verified sources

Typography refers to the style and appearance of:

Printed materials

What is the role of graphic design in media and information literacy?

Creating appealing visual content

Multimedia refers to:

The combination of multiple forms of media

Which type of media disseminates information through physical printed copies?

Print media like newspapers

Test your knowledge on graphic design, broadcast media, audio media, and multimedia with this quiz. Explore the concepts related to visual communication, radio, television, audio recording, and computer-controlled integration of media types.

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