Grade 9 Chemistry: Periodic Table Elements

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What is the chemical property that describes how readily a substance combines chemically with other substances?


What did Rutherford's experiment demonstrate about the charge of an alpha particle?

The alpha particle is positively charged

Which of the following is NOT an indicator of a chemical change?

Increase in volume

In the chemical formula $ ext{Na}_2 ext{HPO}_4$, what does the subscript '2' represent?

The number of sodium atoms

Why did Rutherford's experiment involve using gold foil?

Gold is malleable and can be made into very thin foil

How did Rutherford conclude that atoms are mostly empty space?

By observing that most alpha particles passed straight through the gold foil

Which of the following is a compound?

Toothpaste ($ ext{Na}_2 ext{HPO}_4$)

What is the coefficient in the chemical formula $3 ext{H}_2 ext{O}$?

The number of water molecules

What was the primary outcome when alpha particles hit the gold foil in Rutherford's experiment?

The alpha particles passed straight through with minimal deflection

Which of the following is a physical property of a substance?


How did Rutherford deduce that the nucleus of an atom is positively charged?

By observing that alpha particles were deflected by the nucleus

In Niels Bohr's model of the atom, electrons move around the nucleus like planets around the sun. What determines how many electrons can occupy each energy level?

The energy level itself

What property describes non-metals that causes them to break easily?


Which non-metal is described as the most reactive in its group?


Which of the following properties do metalloids share with metals?

Ductility and malleability

What is the significance of elements in the same group having the same number of valence electrons?

It causes them to have similar chemical properties

Which property distinguishes metalloids from non-metals?

Moderate heat and electrical conductivity

Which of the following is true about elements in the first period of the periodic table?

They all have one valence electron

What is the key difference between a compound and a mixture?

Compounds are formed by chemical reactions, while mixtures are not.

Which of the following is a uniform mixture, also known as a solution?


Which diagram represents a pure element?


Which of the following is classified as a compound?

Sulfuric acid (H2SO4)

Which diagram represents a mixture of two compounds?


Which of the following is classified as a mixture?


What is the atomic number of Bromine?


According to Dalton's Atomic Theory, which of the following statements is true?

All atoms of the same element are identical.

Which subatomic particle is located in the nucleus of an atom?

Both proton and neutron

Which model of the atom suggested the existence of a positively charged nucleus?

Rutherford's Model

What is the symbol for the element Tungsten?


Which statement best describes the electron cloud in the modern Quantum Model of the atom?

Electrons exist in specific energy levels or shells.

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