Grade 10 TLE - ICT Computer Systems Servicing Quarter 2 Module 1 Quiz

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What is the main focus of the module on Installing and Configuring Computer Systems?

Which device is considered as the first mechanical computing device and is still used today?

Who developed the first mechanical calculating machine that could add and subtract?

Which of the following was invented by weaver Joseph Jacquard in 1804?

What capability did the calculator developed by Gottfried von Leibnitz have, which the one developed by Blaise Pascal did not have?

Which computer system is associated with ENIAC, EDSAC, and EDVAC?

Who is generally credited with building the first electronic computer in the 1930s?

Which computer was developed by J. Presper Eckert and John Mauchly in 1946?

What is the primary benefit of a laptop computer?

What type of computer was completed and delivered to the U.S. Census Bureau in 1951?

Which individual proposed a machine in 1820 that bears the resemblance of today’s computers?

What type of computers are probably the two types that most people think of first?

What term refers to the casing or tower of a desktop computer?

Which individual developed the first large-scale, general-purpose, electromechanical computer with the help of IBM?

John von Neuman developed a computer that runs on the concept of stored programs in which decade?

Charles Babbage's proposed machine was capable of computing and at the same time print results, true or false?


Test your knowledge of installing and configuring computer systems based on established procedures and system requirements in Grade 10 TLE - ICT Computer Systems Servicing Quarter 2 Module 1. This quiz covers content standards and performance standards related to installing systems.

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