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What is one of the primary responsibilities of a government as mentioned in the text?

Ensuring the safety of the people and stability in the country

Which aspect of governance focuses on promoting industrialization and modernization for sustainable development?

Promoting economic stability and growth

What is NOT a key function of the government in relation to law enforcement?

Promoting economic growth through laws

Which sector does the government NOT typically serve through its various departments?


One of the government's duties is to maintain good external relationships with other countries. What does this NOT entail?

Ensuring self-sufficiency in all matters

Which responsibility is NOT directly linked to the government's role in protecting the environment?

Building infrastructure for social welfare

What is one key factor related to a government's role in maintaining stability and order within a country?

'Implementing corresponding punishments to those who violate the law'

'Promotes economic stability and growth' is a responsibility associated with which aspect of a government's role?

'Ensure stability and order'

Test your knowledge on the responsibilities of a government in ensuring security, justice, infrastructure, economy management, environmental protection, and social welfare for its citizens.

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