Government Financial Management Responsibilities

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What are the categories of budget spending mentioned in the text?

Statutory Transfer, Debt Service, and MDAs Expenditure

What is the main purpose of the MDAs Envelopes mentioned in the text?

To allocate projected revenue to MDAs based on government priorities

Which entity issues financial warrants for personnel cost and overhead cost based on the Appropriation Act?

Federal Ministry of Finance

What is the purpose of the Economic Reform and Governance Project (ERGP) in Nigeria?

To improve integrity, transparency, and accountability in government financial transactions

When does the Budget Office of the Federation consolidate inputs received from MDAs?

After submission of budget proposals by MDAs

Which entity approves the proposed Budget in Nigeria?

Federal Executive Council (FEC)

'Debt Service' is categorized under which type of budget spending?

Statutory Transfer

Learn about the responsibilities involved in managing public funds, establishing proper budget and accounting systems, ensuring accountability and transparency, and minimizing waste and fraud. Understand the essential tools needed to maintain government assets and uphold accountability.

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