Government and Democracy Overview

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In a democracy, how is power shared?

What type of monarchy has a monarch retaining full political power over a state and its people?

Which system involves citizens electing political representatives through elections?

What does a constitution typically guarantee to the people of a nation or state?

In a constitutional monarchy, who remains the head of state?

Which type of monarchy has power that is more symbolic and limited by a constitution?

What is the main role of government according to the text?

Which type of government is characterized by power concentrated in the hands of one person without restriction?

What does the term 'rule of law' refer to?

In an autocracy, how are decisions typically made?

What distinguishes an oligarchy from other forms of government?

Which form of government is most likely to restrict individual rights and forbid political opposition?

What type of government does Canada have?

Which document is the highest legal ruling in Canada?

What is the role of the Queen in Canada's government?

What law was signed by the Queen in 1982, ensuring Canada's legislative independence?

What type of decision-making does consensus democracy use?

Which document outlines Canada's system of government?


Explore the fundamental aspects of government and democracy, including the roles, responsibilities, and functions of a government. Learn about the concept of rule of law and its significance in ensuring equality and fairness in governance.

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