Government Accounting Non-Profit Organization Module 1 Quiz

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Which of the following is a trend in the practice of non-profit organization accounting?

What are the characteristics of a non-profit organization according to the text?

What do non-profit organizations carry out, according to the text?

Which of the following is a characteristic of a non-profit organization as stated in the text?

What type of organization is Adventist Medical Center Manila based on the text?

What principles are applicable to non-profit organizations based on the text?

What type of organization is the Angat Buhay Foundation, Inc.?

According to PFRS Principles, when is an asset (or liability) derecognized?

Which financial accounting standards are mentioned as the basis for discussions on the accounting for NPOs?

How are subsequent measurements of assets or liabilities conducted under PFRS Principles?

What is the main purpose of recognizing surplus revenue in non-profit organizations?

Which of the following is a recognition criteria for assets and liabilities according to PFRS Principles?

What is the initial measurement of assets under PFRS Principles?

Which type of organization does not distribute surplus revenues as dividends?

Under PFRS Principles, how is subsequent measurement of assets or liabilities conducted?

Which accounting standards may be used in conjunction with the PFRSs for providing more useful financial information to users of NPOs?


Test your knowledge on government accounting for non-profit organizations with this module 1 quiz. Explore topics such as current trends in practice, accounting for NPO, and characteristics of NPO.

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