Government Accounting Manuals

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What does this Manual cover in relation to self accounting entities?

Principles, policies, and procedures

Which entities are excluded from the accounting principles outlined in this Manual?

Exempt entities

What does this Manual outline for centralized accounting entities?

Principles, policies, and procedures

Where are the detailed accounting policies and procedures contained?

In the individual rules and regulations for self accounting entities

What are the objectives essential in the establishment of proper internal control?

All of the above

Which officer is responsible for ensuring that a proper system of internal control exists within the entity?

Both the Principal Accounting Officer and the Internal Audit Officer

What does the term 'internal control system' refer to?

The policies and procedures adopted by the entity to assist in achieving financial management and accountability objectives of the Government

What is contained in the Accounting Policies and Procedures Manual?

The detailed application of mandatory internal control procedures

What is the purpose of internal control procedures?

All of the above

Test your knowledge on the purpose and principles of accounting manuals for government entities with this informative quiz.

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