Glycosides Biosynthesis and Rhamnase Enzyme Quiz

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What is the main process involved in the production of monosaccharides by photosynthesis?

Dark reaction

Which of the following is not a source of sucrose?


What is another name for glucose?


Which carbohydrate is known as milk sugar?


During photosynthesis, which reaction converts electromagnetic energy into chemical energy?

Light reaction

Which carbohydrate is found in grapes and is a product of starch hydrolysis?


Test your knowledge on the biosynthesis of glycosides that are derivatives of rhamnose, including the role of the special enzyme Rhamnase and uridylyl transferases. Learn about the principal pathway of glycoside formation involving the transfer of uridyl group, and the process of transferring the sugar from uridine diphosphate to an acceptor to form glycosides.

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