Globalization and International Relations

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What is the relationship between internationalization and globalization?

Which of the following does NOT contribute to globalization as mentioned in the text?

In the context of world politics today, what constitutes one of the key attributes?

What is a key characteristic of a nation-state?

Which term is composed of both 'nation' and 'state' according to the text?

Based on the text, what are the four elements that define a state?

Using the example of Korea in the text, what does it illustrate about the relationship between nations and states?

What distinguishes a country from being considered as a state?

How does the text explain the relationship between sovereignty and globalization?

What does the text imply about the external sovereignty of a state?

Which term in politics and political globalization is defined as a country along with its government?

What distinguishes a nation-state from a state with multiple nations?

If an organization establishes its headquarters in a state, which of the following is expected according to the text?

What is one reason mentioned in the text why discourse on sovereignty and globalization may be set against each other?

What is a key characteristic that determines if a country can be considered a state according to the text?

What is the main distinction between internationalization and globalization?

Why are states/governments highlighted as key drivers of global processes?

In what way does the concept of 'nation-state' differ from historical societal affiliations?

Why is the term 'nation-state' considered a relatively modern phenomenon?

What comprises the key attributes of world politics today as mentioned in the text?


Explore the relationship between globalization and international relations, and understand how states and governments drive global processes. Learn about the difference between internationalization and globalization, and how they are interconnected.

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