Global Health and COVID-19

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Which countries were able to produce vaccines for the treatment of COVID-19 after eighteen months of the pandemic?

What is the main aim of the article?

How many deaths worldwide has the current COVID-19 pandemic caused?

What has the COVID-19 pandemic divided the world into?

What is the current status of COVID-19 vaccine coverage in even affluent countries?

Which country experienced a campaign of massacres, rape, and arson against the Rohingya population?

How many Rohingya Muslims fled to Bangladesh as a result of the campaign?

How many Rohingya Muslims remain under oppressive rule in Myanmar?

Who has been held accountable for the crimes against the Rohingya population?

What action should concerned governments take on the anniversary of the campaign against the Rohingya?


Test your knowledge on global health and the COVID-19 pandemic in this informative quiz. Explore the challenges faced by countries in providing vaccines and medications to their citizens during this unprecedented crisis. Learn about the impact of the pandemic on global health and how it has shaped our understanding of healthcare systems worldwide.

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