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DOAIOT chap 2

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To create a Software Release, which of the following Git commands can be used?


To create a Software Release in Git, which of the following GIt features should be used?


In which scenario would it be useful to create a branch in Git ?

Before implementing a new feature

Assuming that there is an urgent bug fix required, which of the following sequences of steps should be performed in Git?

Create a bug fix branch, implement code changes, commit and push changes to the new bug fix branch, create a tag for a SW release for the bug fix

In Git, what is the purpose of running the "commit" command ?

"Commit" saves the file to the local repository

Which of the following is a valid reason for creating a new branch in Git ?

New feature needs to be implemented

Which of the following is not a Configuration Management (CM) tool ?


Why are Configuration Management (CM) tools needed in Software Development ?

To systematically manage all the versions of each source code file and also to manage the software releases

Study Notes

Git Commands for Software Release

  • To create a Software Release in Git, the git tag command can be used.

Git Features for Software Release

  • The git tag feature should be used to create a Software Release in Git.

Branching in Git

  • Creating a branch in Git is useful when working on a new feature or bug fix that should not affect the main codebase.

Urgent Bug Fix in Git

  • When an urgent bug fix is required, the following sequence of steps should be performed in Git:
    • Create a new branch from the main branch
    • Make the necessary changes and commit them
    • Merge the changes into the main branch

Purpose of 'commit' Command

  • The purpose of running the git commit command is to save changes to the local repository.

Reasons for Creating a New Branch

  • A valid reason for creating a new branch in Git is to isolate changes from the main codebase.

Configuration Management (CM) Tools

  • Not all version control systems are Configuration Management (CM) tools, for example, Git is not a CM tool.

Importance of Configuration Management (CM) Tools

  • Configuration Management (CM) tools are needed in Software Development to track changes to code, manage different versions, and ensure consistency across the development environment.

Find out which Git commands are used to create a Software Release. Test your knowledge of Git and improve your software development skills.

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