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Which of the following would NOT be used by a supporter of the capitalist system as it existed in the Gilded Age?

Which capitalist created U.S. Steel, the nation's first billion-dollar corporation?

Andrew Carnegie's use of vertical integration was significant in that it

In order to promote the interests of labor, trade unions would support

In his 'Gospel of Wealth,' Andrew Carnegie articulated the view that

According to the text, who were considered the real economic leaders of the nation?

How did the Industrial Workers of the World differ from the other major trade unions?

What impact did industrialization have on the American worker, according to the text?

What were the Union Pacific and Central Pacific railroad companies instrumental in?

How did big business use a loophole in the Sherman Anti-Trust Act for its own benefit?

According to the late nineteenth century, where did the U.S. rank in terms of industrial output?

What was J. P. Morgan known for doing to consolidate rival businesses and eliminate competitive discord?


Test your knowledge of the capitalist system during the Gilded Age with this quiz. Questions cover prominent figures, perspectives, and key aspects of capitalism during this period.

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