Gestalt Principles and Psychoanalysis

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What is a hypothesis?

A prediction that can be tested

In naturalistic observation, what does the method involve?

Studying people or animals in their natural environment

What is a key point to remember about correlational studies?

They examine the relationship between variables without implying causation

What is the independent variable in an experiment?

The variable manipulated by the researcher

Which type of research involves asking a series of questions about behaviors, thoughts, and attitudes?

Survey Research

What is the range for correlations in correlational studies?

+1 to -1

Which method involves an intensive investigation of an individual or small group?

Case Study

What is the key takeaway about correlation and causation?

"Correlation does not mean causation"

Explore the principles of perceptual organization developed by Gestalt psychologists, focusing on how the brain organizes the perceptual field into meaningful patterns. Learn about the psychoanalytic perspective pioneered by Sigmund Freud, emphasizing the role of unconscious experiences.

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