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Who was proclaimed German Emperor in January 1871?

William I

What completed the process of unification in Germany?

Victory in wars with Austria, Denmark, and France

Who presented the monumental work 'The proclamation of the German empire in the Hall of Mirrors at Versailles' to Bismarck?

Anton von Werner

Which chief commander of the Prussian army stood near the Kaiser during the proclamation of the German empire?

General von Roon

What place saw the assembly gathering to proclaim the new German Empire?

Hall of Mirrors in the Palace of Versailles

Which state's power was dominant in the nation-building process in Germany?

Prussian state power

What event took place on 18 May 1848 in Frankfurt, Germany?

831 elected representatives marched in a festive procession to the Frankfurt parliament

Why did Friedrich Wilhelm IV, King of Prussia, reject the crown offered by the Frankfurt parliament?

He was against the German nation being headed by a monarchy

What social group dominated the Frankfurt parliament but resisted the demands of workers and artisans?

Middle classes

What led to the erosion of the social basis of the Frankfurt parliament?

Resistance to workers' and artisans' demands

In what year did the revolution led by educated middle classes take place?


What was the outcome for the Frankfurt parliament when troops were called in?

They were forced to disband

Which event occurred in 1866 related to Prussia's expansion?

Austro-Prussia War victory

What year marked the formation of the German Confederation involving Prussia?


Who were the south German states that joined with Prussia to form the German Empire in 1871?

Bavaria, Württemberg, Baden, and Hesse-Darmstadt

Which state was won by Prussia in the Franco-Prussian War of 1871?


Who sought to establish a unitary Italian Republic in the 1830s?

Giuseppe Mazzini

What did Giuseppe Mazzini form to spread his goals for Italian unification?

Young Europe

Test your knowledge on the three wars that led to Prussian victory and completed the process of German unification in 1871. Explore important figures like Kaiser William I, General von Roon, and Bismarck in this historic event.

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