Geologic Time Quiz

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10 Questions

Which field of study combines aspects of chemistry, physics, and biology as they apply to the Earth?

Which of the following is NOT considered an Earth material?

What are some examples of geologic hazards?

What is one of the reasons for Haiti's environmental degradation?

What is the main consequence of intense deforestation in Haiti?

Geology is the study of the ______

Environmental Geology includes aspects of ______, physics, biology as they apply to the earth

The main purpose of land use planning is to ensure proper ______

Haiti's environmental degradation is caused by intense ______

A closed system of stagnant water can result in ______


Test your knowledge of geologic time, the study of the Earth's composition, structure, and history. Explore topics such as earth materials, geologic hazards, and environmental impacts. Quiz yourself on volcanoes, earthquakes, landslides, floods, and more. Perfect for geology enthusiasts and those interested in understanding the Earth's past and present.

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