Geol 270 Sedimentology and Stratigraphy: Lecture 6 Quiz

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Which of the following is NOT a transport medium for sediments?


What is the characteristic that distinguishes laminar flow from turbulent flow?

The molecules within the fluid move parallel to each other

Which of the following factors promotes turbulent flow?

High flow velocities and deep flow depths

Which transport medium has the highest capacity to carry large amounts of clastic debris?


Which of the following transport processes does not involve a transport medium?

Rock falls

What is the relationship between the Reynolds number (Re) and the type of fluid flow?

High Re promotes turbulent flow, low Re promotes laminar flow

Test your knowledge on sediment transport and deposition processes, including types of transport media such as water, air, and ice. Learn about sedimentary structures and how sediments are moved from source areas to depositional areas.

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