Geography of Madhya Pradesh, India

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What is the main purpose of national parks and reserves in Madhya Pradesh?

Which mineral is NOT mentioned as being richly available in the diverse forests of Madhya Pradesh?

In which mountain range does the Narmada River flow through?

What is the primary function of the Narmada River in Madhya Pradesh?

Where are the two government colleges under the Department of Forest located in Madhya Pradesh?

What type of climate does Madhya Pradesh have?

Which state does the Narmada River NOT cross?

Which city is NOT mentioned as a hub for mineral production in Madhya Pradesh?

What is the primary purpose of the rail transport system in Madhya Pradesh?

Which region supports the growth of tropical forests in Madhya Pradesh?


Test your knowledge about the significant geographical features, climate, and natural resources of Madhya Pradesh, India, including the Narmada River and Valley System, the Satpura Range, and the state's diverse forests.

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