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Which region marks the northern limit of the Adriatic Sea and experiences harsh winters?

Which country in Eastern Europe was established by Slavic migrations between the 6th and the 9th centuries?

Which empire captured much of Eastern Europe, including the Balkans, by the 15th century?

Which country regained independence after World War I but later fell under Soviet control after World War II?

Which group of people is known for their nomadic way of life and captivating music in Eastern Europe?

Which religion was prevalent in Russia, Bulgaria, Romania, and Serbia in Eastern Europe?

Which major power played a crucial role in defeating Nazi Germany during WWII in Eastern Europe?

Which scripts are used by Slavic languages in Eastern Europe?

Which region of Eastern Europe is known for its flat plains good for cereal and root crops?

Which country, located in Eastern Europe, was established by the Illyrians before 700 BCE?


Study the map on page 218 along with 18 additional pages to understand the geography of Eastern Europe. Learn about the area from the Baltic Sea in the North to the Black and Adriatic Seas in the South, covering countries like Czech Republic, Russia, Poland, Ukraine, and more.

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