Geography Branches and Economic Geography

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What are some of the industries that arise from the fishing industry?

Fish canning and fish oil extraction

Which activity provides raw materials for most of the basic needs of man?


What is the dominant part played by man in agriculture?

Utilizing the soil for crop production

Why is forestry being cut in densely populated parts of the world?

To provide land for agriculture and industries

What does manufacturing involve?

Shaping primary products for human use

What is the meaning of the word 'geography'?

Description of the earth

Which branch of geography focuses on the economic activities of man in relation to the environment?

Economic and Commercial Geography

What is the primary focus of Commercial Geography?

Understanding places and conditions of production for trade

What are 'Primary activities' as described in the text?

Collection of materials from nature in their original forms

What does 'Hunting' primarily involve according to the text?

Trapping and killing of animals and birds

Learn about the main branches of geography, including Physical, Mathematical, Practical, Economic and Commercial, Human, and Environmental Geography. Explore the study of economic activities in relation to the environment through Economic Geography.

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