Geography and Economy of the Philippines

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What are the three main economic sectors in the Philippines?

Services, agriculture, and industry

Which natural disaster is the Philippines most prone to?


Which phenomenon has a strong impact on the Philippines' climate variability?

El Niño Southern Oscillation

What is the primary source of rainfall fluctuation in the Philippines?

El Niño Southern Oscillation

Which sector relies on a depleting natural and marine resource base in the Philippines?


During which months does the Philippines experience a cyclonic rainy season?

June to November

What is the annual worth of coral reefs for their contributions to fishing, tourism, and storm protection?

$2 billion

Which natural disasters impacted the Philippines' infrastructure in 2009, leading to $33 million in road and bridge repairs?

Tropical Storm

What percentage of coastal residents rely on marine resources for their livelihoods?

More than 60%

Which diseases are mentioned as endemic risks to human health due to climate change in the text?

Dengue and Malaria

What significant impact does a changing and more variable climate have on mosquito breeding and survival?

It negatively impacts mosquito breeding and survival

How are water and sanitation systems at risk due to climate-related factors?

They are at risk of damage

What is a potential consequence of extreme rainfall in the Philippines?

Damage to water supply infrastructure

How does climate change impact hydropower production in the Philippines?

Poses a risk to reduced production

What is a major threat to marine environments as mentioned in the text?

Rising sea surface temperatures

How does coastal salinity affect coastal habitats and fisheries in the Philippines?

Harms the environment

What is a potential impact of climate change on the energy supply and demand in the Philippines?

Reduced production due to climate change

How does saltwater intrusion affect water quality in coastal municipalities of Luzon, Visayas, and Mindanao?

Reduces water quality

Test your knowledge on the geography and economy of the Philippines, including facts about its 7,107 islands, cyclone-prone area, rising sea levels, and main economic sectors.

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