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What is the chance that a child of a person affected by an autosomal dominant genetic condition will inherit the disease?


In Mendelian inheritance, if a father with two dominant genes for brown eye color and a mother with two recessive genes for blue eye color have a child, what is the chance that the child will have blue eyes?


For an autosomal recessive genetic condition, what is the likelihood that both parents must be carriers?


If a child inherits one copy of a mutated gene from each parent, what type of genetic inheritance is this?

Autosomal recessive

What is the term used to describe an individual with two homozygous genes for a dominant trait?

Homozygous dominant

Which of the following individuals is at a higher risk for having a child with a genetic disorder?

A couple who are closely related

What is the purpose of maternal serum screening in pregnancy?

To assess the risk of certain genetic disorders in the fetus

What procedure might lead to spontaneous abortion but is used for screening congenital anomalies?

Chorionic villi sampling

What does Republic Act 9262, also known as Anti-violence against women and their children Act, aim to prevent?

Physical abuse against women and their children

If a pregnant woman shows signs of physical abuse, what should the nurse do next?

Ask the woman about her bruises and conduct further examination and fetal monitoring

Which couple is considered at a higher risk for passing on genetic disorders to their children?

A couple with a child with a genetic disorder

What is the main purpose of cerclage in high-risk pregnancies?

To allow for vaginal delivery after 37 weeks

Which type of abortion is characterized by lower abdominal cramping and spotting at 12 weeks' gestation with a closed cervix?

Threatened abortion

What is the nursing care recommendation post cerclage procedure for a high-risk pregnant client?

Cut the cerclage at 37 weeks' gestation

What are the possible complications of suction curettage in high-risk pregnant women?


Which factor does NOT contribute to a high-risk pregnancy according to the text?

Age above 40 years old

What is the main symptom associated with abruptio placenta in pregnant women?

Fetal distress with severe deceleration

Test your knowledge on the risks associated with genetic disorder assessments such as maternal serum screening, chorionic villi sampling, and amniocentesis. Learn about the factors that increase the likelihood of genetic disorders in offspring.

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