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What is always the difference between the alleles of a gene?

Their base sequence

What is the difference between autosomes and sex chromosomes?

Sex chromosomes determine gender and autosomes do not

A parent organism of an unknown genotype is mated in a test cross. Half of the offspring have the same phenotype as the parent. What can be concluded from this result?

The parent is heterozygous for the trait

A polygenic character is controlled by two genes each with two alleles. How many different possible genotypes are there for this character?


A single gene in humans causes blood to be either rhesus positive (dominant allele) or rhesus negative (recessive allele). A woman with rhesus-negative blood has already had a child with rhesus-positive blood. There could be complications during pregnancy if she has another child with rhesus-positive blood. What is the probability of this, if the father is the same, and if his mother is known to have rhesus-negative blood?


Recombinant DNA Technology_____.

uses bacteria to make copies of the desired product and splices DNAs together

The goal of genetic engineering is to?

modify cells to correct a defect or produce a desired product

Enzymes used to cut genes in recombinant DNA research are _____

Restriction enzymes

Which is true about plasmids?

All of the statements are true about plasmids

Test your knowledge on the constant variance between alleles of a gene. Determine the key factors that distinguish one allele from another.

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