General Knowledge: World and Space

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What is the study of stars, planets, and other celestial bodies called?

Which of the following is the largest planet in our solar system?

Who is credited with formulating the theory of relativity, which revolutionized scientific understanding of space, time, and gravity?

What generation is typically referred to as 'Gen Z'?

What is the unit of measurement used to gauge the strength of earthquakes?

What is the approximate age range of individuals belonging to 'Gen Z'?

Which generation comes after 'Gen Z'?

What distinguishes 'Gen Z' from the previous generations?

Which of the following is a key concept in cell biology?

What is the molecule that carries genetic information in genetics?

What do cells use to communicate with each other in cell biology?

Which field of biology focuses on the study of cells, their structure, function, and behavior?

What are the fundamental building blocks of life according to the text?

Which of the following is a key concept in evolutionary biology related to the development of new traits or modification of existing ones?

What are segments of DNA that code for specific traits or characteristics called?

Which branch of biology focuses on the study of how species change over time?

What drives evolution by favoring traits that increase an organism's chance of survival and reproduction?

In which process does the formation of new species occur through various processes such as geographic isolation, hybridization, and genetic drift?


Test your knowledge on a variety of topics including astronomy, geography, and science with this quiz. Answer questions relating to stars, planets, earthquakes, and famous scientific theories.

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