Gemini Studios and Moral Re-Armament Army in Madras

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What led to the lawyer losing his job at Gemini Studios?

What made Gemini Studios a favorite place for poets like S.D.S.Yogiar and Krishna Sastry?

Why were most individuals at Gemini Studios averse to Communism?

What was the significance of coffee at Gemini Studios during the Congress rule?

Why did The Boss decide to close down the Story Department at Gemini Studios?

What characterized most individuals at Gemini Studios?

What was the role of Asokamitran at Gemini Studios?

Who was the founder of Gemini Studios?

Where was the make-up department of Gemini Studios located?

What material did Pancake refer to in the context of Gemini Studios?

Which actress is mentioned as a probable user of Pancake make-up at Gemini Studios?

What function did Asokamitran perform at Gemini Studios according to the text?

What type of group visited Madras in 1952 and found a warm host in Gemini Studios?

Which two plays were presented by the Moral Re-Armament army in Madras in 1952?

What influenced the style of Tamil plays for years after the visit of the Moral Re-Armament army to Madras?

Who was referred to as 'terribly impressed' by the performance of the Moral Re-Armament army in Madras?

What characterized the sets and costumes of the plays presented by the Moral Re-Armament army in Madras?

What was the purpose of the Moral Re-Armament group according to the text?


Explore the interaction between Gemini Studios and Frank Buchman’s Moral Re-Armament army during their visit to Madras in 1952. Learn about the reception of the international group at the famous studio and their activities.

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