Garment Construction: Preparing and Pinning Cut Parts

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What is the purpose of pinning cut parts of a garment?

To keep pieces together

What should be done before sewing to avoid confusion?

Separate big units from small units

How should pressing be distinguished from ironing during garment construction?

Pressing is a sliding motion, while ironing involves raising and lowering the iron

When should pressing be done during garment construction?

When there are creases or wrinkles that will affect sewing accuracy

Why should cut parts be kept flat on the table when pinning them?

To keep pieces together

What should be avoided when pressing fabric?

Pressing over pins

Why is it advisable to press following the grain of the fabric?

To avoid shrinking or puckering of the fabric

What should be done before pressing fabric with moisture?

Test a scrap of the fabric

When should you unplug the steam iron?

When filling it with water

What's a caution when pressing wool fabric?

Stop pressing before it is completely dry

Learn key points in preparing cut parts of a garment and how to pin them correctly to ease the garment construction process. Understand the importance of labeling units and separating big units from small units.

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