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What is the primary purpose of growing ornamental plants in gardens?

What distinguishes gardening from farming or forestry?

What is an example of a useful plant grown in gardens?

Which gardening practice involves long boulevard plantings with different types of plants?

What is the world's oldest form of garden-based food production system?

What is the primary purpose of growing ornamental plants in gardens?

How does gardening differ from farming?

What distinguishes forest gardening from other forms of gardening?

In addition to consumption, what are useful plants grown in gardens used for?

What is an example of a scale at which gardening can range?


Test your knowledge with this gardening quiz! From identifying plants to understanding soil types, this quiz covers a range of topics related to the art and science of gardening. Whether you're a seasoned gardener or just starting out, challenge yourself and see how much you know about cultivating beautiful and productive gardens.

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