Galleon Trade and the Viceroyalty of Mexico

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Which two locations did the Galleon Trade route pass through before reaching Mexico?

What was the primary economic activity of the colonial government in the Philippines?

What did Galleon ships carry from Acapulco to Manila on their return voyage?

What macro force enabled the Galleon ships to travel safely in the uncharted Pacific Ocean?

What economic system led nations to compete for the accumulation of gold and silver?

What was the Viceroyalty of Mexico also called during the colonial time?

What is the Galleon Trade also known as among the Chamorros of Marianas?

What was the primary purpose of the Galleon Trade route?

What was the American share of the Asian goods from Manila largely sold in?



Test your knowledge about the Galleon Trade and the Viceroyalty of Mexico during the colonial period. Learn about the trade route, connections between continents, and the significance of the trade to various regions.

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