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Future Ethics Course: Generative AI and Unintended Consequences

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What was the author's initial reaction to the launch of ChatGPT?

The author was excited about the potential impact.

What impact did the author observe on students using generative AI in writing?

It leveled the playing field for students with varying writing abilities.

What was one of the author's concerns regarding the deterioration in student writing?

Inability to teach writing effectively.

How did generative AI impact students who were not well-educated in writing?

It helped level the playing field for them.

Why did the author consider generative AI as a potential solution to a long-standing problem?

To reduce the time spent on unraveling students' first drafts.

What is the purpose of using generative AI imaging in the Future Ethics course?

To identify all possible unintended consequences of a technology.

In the context of generative AI imaging, what is meant by 'provoca types'?

Images that provoke a critical analysis of technological impacts.

How does generative AI imaging help in driving conversations about technology?

By creating images that prompt critical questions and discussions.

What role does prompting play in the use of generative AI technology in the course?

To stimulate critical thinking about technological implications.

Why is it important for students to learn about prompting in relation to generative AI technology?

To understand the ethical implications and societal impacts of technology.

What has caused the speaker to completely rewrite their course outcomes?

Assessing the process instead of the product

In the context of the text, why is the learning process considered more important than the end product?

It helps in understanding what students actually gain from a course

How has generative AI impacted the way the speaker approaches their course design?

By challenging the traditional thinking around course assessment

What prompted the speaker to rethink how they teach writing before generative AI became relevant?

The clarity from realizing the importance of the learning process

How does the speaker's experience with generative AI relate to a 'far-side' cartoon mentioned in the text?

"Grass, we've been eating grass" signifies outdated educational practices

Which of the following statements is true regarding different generative AI models?

Studies have shown that different generative AI models can exhibit different political leanings.

What is the primary concern expressed in the text regarding students using generative AI?

Students may not know how to properly prompt generative AI, leading to inaccurate or biased results.

What is the importance of prompting in the context of generative AI?

Prompting is a way to express and clarify the desired output from generative AI.

Which of the following is mentioned in the text as a potential issue with generative AI?

Generative AI may raise intellectual property and copyright concerns.

What is the analogy used to describe the process of prompting generative AI?

It's like programming, where you need to break down the desired output into component parts.

What aspect of political speeches do students now focus on to understand what's missing?

The logical argument

How can a Gen AI adjust a political speech when given the transcript?

Adjust the emotion and anger levels

Why do some faculty members choose not to use AI in their classes, according to the text?

Concern about the originality of AI-generated work

What is a significant reason why traditional detectors do not effectively identify AI-generated content?

Generative AI always produces original content

How does the text suggest that rethinking assessment in teaching writing is a benefit?

To enhance creativity and originality

What was initially shocking about the generative AI's output?

Its tendency to confidently provide incorrect answers and hallucinate

What did the generative AI help students understand better, according to the text?

The significance of having a distinct voice and cohesive argument

How has the generative AI's performance changed over time, according to the text?

It has become more accurate, less likely to hallucinate, and more convincing

Based on the text, which aspect of writing were students initially focused on, to the detriment of other essential elements?

Grammar, sentence variation, and technical mastery

What did the generative AI initially help students recognize as a critical aspect of good writing?

The value of maintaining a consistent voice and argument

What is the primary role of prompting in the use of generative AI technology in the course?

To improve the quality of the AI's responses by specifying a desired persona or approach

What is one of the main challenges the author observed with how students initially used the generative AI technology?

Students used it like Google, without understanding how to prompt it effectively

How does the author suggest students can improve their use of generative AI in writing?

By prompting the AI to act as different personas (e.g. professor, 5-year-old) to get varied responses

What does the author suggest is a key benefit of using generative AI in writing assignments?

It provides a way for students to learn how to prompt and edit AI-generated text

What is the author's primary concern regarding the use of generative AI in student writing?

That students will become overly reliant on the AI and stop developing their own writing skills

What is one key way in which the use of generative AI can benefit student writing?

It can improve the overall flow and coherence of student writing

What does the author suggest is a common student misconception about using generative AI in writing?

That the AI can replace the need for any original writing on the part of the student

What is one potential benefit of using generative AI in writing assignments that the author highlights?

It can provide students with a new tool to help them edit and revise their own writing

What does the author suggest is a key challenge students face in effectively using generative AI for writing?

Developing the necessary prompting skills to elicit high-quality responses from the AI

How does the author view the potential of generative AI technology in addressing a long-standing problem in student writing?

The author believes that generative AI can be a valuable tool, but only if students learn to use it effectively and avoid over-reliance

Explore how generative AI imaging is used in the Future Ethics course to analyze unintended consequences and contingencies of technology. Learn about the affordances and dangers of generative AI in predicting possible outcomes.

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