Future Cities Environmental Design Lecture 1 Quiz

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What is the purpose of developing a hierarchical classification and relationship of the terms related to sustainability?

Which of the following is not a principle related to environmental sustainability?

What is the importance of making terms specific and defining what they are in the context of sustainability?

In the ecological context, what refers to a natural system involving competition, predatory relationships, and mutualism?

What is the focus of sub-systems in the context of sustainability?

Which of the following is NOT an approach to environmental sustainability?

What does the concept of 'industrial symbiosis' involve?

What is the main focus of 'responsible care' in the context of sustainability?

What do 'cleaner production' and 'eco-design' have in common as environmental approaches?

Which of the following is a key principle of sustainable development?


Test your knowledge of environmental design for future cities with this quiz covering the introduction and practical information from Lecture 1, as well as the content of Lecture 2 related to sustainability terminology, principles, approaches, and sub-systems.

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