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What does cloud computing refer to?

Which characteristic of cloud computing allows resources to be provisioned without human interaction with service providers?

How are cloud services accessed according to the text?

What does resource pooling in cloud computing allow for?

In cloud computing, what characteristic allows resources to be scaled up or down quickly to meet changing demands?

What is the process of buying, selling, or exchanging products, services, and information via computer networks referred to as?

Which type of e-commerce involves business transactions between businesses?

What are browsers programs that provide access to Web resources primarily used for?

What characteristic of EC is growing by 15 to 25% every year according to the text?

What does EC (Electronic Commerce) encompass beyond buying and selling?

Which types of e-commerce transactions involve consumers directly?

What are browsers primarily used for in the context of accessing the Web?

What major part of EC does the text emphasize is growing at a significant rate each year?

What characteristic of cloud computing involves rapidly adjusting resources to meet changing demands?


Test your knowledge of cloud computing with this quiz covering the basics of cloud computing, including its characteristics and delivery of computing services over the internet.

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