Functions of the Skin in Homeostasis

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What is the major function of the skin?

Maintaining homeostasis and protecting the body from environmental assaults

Which of the following is NOT a function of the skin?

Storing heat in the body

What do the hair, nails, and sebaceous glands represent in relation to the skin?

Appendages of the skin

How does the skin prevent dehydration?

By providing a physical barrier

Which layer of the skin contains sensory organs for touch, pain, temperature, and pressure perception?


What role do sweat glands play in skin function?

Regulating body temperature

What is the primary function of the epidermis in the skin?

Protection of underlying tissues

Which pigment is responsible for the brownish color of the skin?


What causes jaundice in the skin?

Deposition of bilirubin

Which condition leads to central cyanosis?

Low oxygenation in the patient

What causes peripheral cyanosis?

Increased oxygen extraction by tissues

Why does oxyhemoglobin change into deoxyhemoglobin in cutaneous blood vessels?

To carry less oxygen to tissues

Learn about the major functions of the skin in maintaining homeostasis despite environmental challenges. Explore its role in protection, regulation of body temperature, and synthesis of essential vitamins.

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