Functions of the Skeleton and Bone Composition

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What are the three main functions of the skeleton mentioned in the text?

Gives shape and structure, allows movement, protects internal organs

What is a key distinction between bones in a museum and bones inside your body?

Bones in a museum are dry and crumbly, while bones inside the body are alive and can repair damage

What mineral is prominently mentioned in relation to bones in the text?


How often does collagen in bones replenish itself according to the text?

Every 7 years

Which part of the body has the most number of bones according to the text?


What is the 'funny bone' in relation to the human body?

A nerve running inside the elbow

What is a unique fact about skeletons of vertebrates mentioned in the text?

'Skeletons protect soft organs of vertebrates'

What is the main function of the backbone in vertebrates?

Protect the spinal cord

Which part of the skeleton protects an animal's vital organs such as the brain, heart, and lungs?


What allows bones to rub together smoothly without causing pain?


Why are skeletons described as forming a 'frame structure'?

To protect vital organs

Which part of the skeleton surrounds softer parts of the face, such as the eyes?


What is the function of girdles in vertebrates?

Protect soft organs

Why are ribcages mentioned as an example of how the skeleton protects the body?

To protect important organs like the heart and lungs

What is the primary role of girdles in vertebrate animals?

Protect soft organs

What is the primary function of a skeleton?

To give the body shape and structure

What mineral is abundant in bones as mentioned in the text?


Which part of the body has the highest number of bones according to the text?


What happens to bones when they break according to the text?

They become stronger than before

What is the purpose of collagen in bones?

To repair bone damage

Why are bones described as being different when inside the body compared to outside as fossils?

They are alive and can grow and repair inside the body

What does the skeleton protect according to the text?

Internal organs like heart and lungs

What is the primary function of cartilage in joints?

To allow bones to rub together smoothly

Why are girdles mentioned in relation to limbs in the text?

To serve as shock absorbers during movement

What distinguishes the ribs of snakes from those of other animals according to the text?

They provide support for the whole body

Why do vertebrae need to protect the spinal cord?

Because it sends signals from the brain to the body

What is the significance of the tail in vertebrates according to the text?

It's where many animals' backbones end

How do upper and lower limbs attach to the vertebrate body?

Upper limbs are attached to the body at the hip girdle and lower limbs at the shoulder girdle

Which part of a vertebrate protects the brain and softer parts of the face such as eyes?


This quiz covers the three main functions of the skeleton: providing shape and structure, enabling movement, and protecting internal organs. It also explores the composition of bones, which may appear dead and dry but serve crucial roles in the body.

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